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Accommodation packages

We offer four accommodation packages.

- "D3" Accommodation package for 2 people in a double room for three nights for 2,900 CZK 

- "D4" Accommodation package for 2 people in a double room for four nights for 4,200 CZK 

- "R3" Accommodation package for a family in a two-room apartment (4 people) for three nights for 3,350 CZK 

- „R4“ Accommodation package for a family in a two-room apartment (4 persons) for four nights for 4,950 CZK 

The price includes accommodation according to each individual package in the hotel Adalbert *** with breakfast and all fees for a specific date. There is free parking and WiFi. Please use the form below to specify your dates. There are always 2 coupons per package/voucher.

For stays of 4 days/3 nights, each coupon is worth 100 CZK  (2 ×100 CZK). The voucher with coupons will be given to you upon arrival at reception. Coupons may be used during your stay in the stylish Old Bohemian restaurant Klášterní šenk, in the Monastery granary (fortna, pub, information center with shop) or in the Břevnov Monastery brewery St. Vojtěch. The Monastery is considered to be the oldest documented place for brewing beer in the whole Czech Republic. In addition to classic light lager the brewery produces and bottles a number of speciality beers using various malts and hops. Tobacco products, valuables, stamps, tickets, etc. are excluded from the purchase.

For stays of 5 days/4 nights you will receive one coupon worth 100 CZK and a second coupon for a tour of Prague with a licensed guide worth 1,000 CZK . Tours are possible in Czech, German or Spanish. You can choose from the following guided tours:

 "Romantic Lesser Town" — An evening walk through Prague — 2 hours

"UNESCO walk" — The historic center of Prague, which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1992 — 3 hrs.

"Walkabout" — An individual walk through Prague — 2.5 hours

During your stay you can join the Catholic services in the High Baroque Church of St. Margaret, you can relax in the Monastery garden, visit the restored orangery where the Entrance Gallery and Atelier M1 architects are now located, or arrange a tour of the Monastery buildings. Near the Břevnov Monastery there is a well known summer house, the Hvězda game reserve, as well as a pilgrimage site at Bílá Hora.

Here are the relevant contacts for possible reservations, additional information or booking dates, etc.

Hotel Adalbert *** recepce@hoteladalbert.cz, tel. 220 406170 or 601 695 441

Restaurant Klášterní šenk rezervace@klasternisenk.cz, tel. 220 406 294

Břevnov Monastery Brewery of St. Vojtěcha — www.brevnovskypivovar.cz

Sýpka (Monastery granary) vycep@brevnov.cz, tel. 220 406 112

Prague guide tours, tel. 722 978 292

Payment for an accommodation package with a confirmed reservation for a specific date is non-refundable. Reservations must be made directly at the hotel reception. These stay packages can be ordered and used only with the beginning of accommodation until the end of 2021.

If you are interested in any of the above offers or would like to enquire about available dates, please contact us below, thank you.

Send a request regarding the offers or enquire about available dates