Green Hotel

The Adalbert Hotel is one of the first hotels in the Czech Republic that adopted a responsible approach to the environment in the area of services. Here at the Adalbert Hotel we believe that every organization and every individual has an indisputable and unique opportunity to contribute to the protection and improvement of their environment. The concept of an ecological hotel emerged quite recently, together with an increased awareness of environmental protection and a focus on ecological issues. However, receiving an official environmental certificate is not the main indicator of a responsible approach to the environment. More importantly, practical steps and corresponding investments must be implemented. Continuous repairs of the monastery buildings have been carried out throughout the complex. In recent years there have been alterations made to the Sartori Convention (now the Adalbert Hotel), a restoration of the terrace garden and the orangery and the former farmyard buildings have been converted into a restaurant and brewery. On the ground floor of the former monastery granary a monastery reception area has been newly opened. This also serves as an information centre and includes the monastery store and refreshment area as well as a hall for local beer tastings.

The world is aware of the alarming state of nature, natural reserves and air quality. There are few untouched areas of greenery where people can rest and relax in peace. This is why many Adalbert guests welcome the possibility to unwind during their stay in Prague, not only in the landscaped gardens of the monastery but throughout the whole complex.

Therefore we have implemented the following steps: